In The Beginning

Karis Roofing is a 90 year old company started by Konstantine Karis hammering and molding metal in the basement of his house. From humble beginnings Joe Karis took over the company and built the business into the premiere residential roofing company in the Philadelphia area. Under the watchful eye of Joe and with the help of skilled and dedicated employees Karis Roofing has installed roofing and sheet metal to a wide range of homes, churches and institutions. We can proudly say “We put your Grandma’s roof on.” We have been serving discerning customers from the early 20th century to the present. So remember us when considering a roofer for your next project, Grandma knows best.

Joe Karis writes:

In the early 1920’s Mrs. Mary Karis opened a hardware store at the corner of 2711 East Lehigh Avenue. The store was successful to the point that Mr. Konstantine Karis was asked to quit his job as a copper-smith and auto body builder to help with the store. As this was not a full time job he acquired sheet metal tools and a cornice forming metal brake. After success in the area he built a metal shop around the corner from the store. This lead to roofing repairs and installation of new roofs. This is where I came in. At 8 years old I worked on one side of the brake and helped to form cornices, capping and flashings. At 10 I was out helping to install roofs. I was the kettle man during summer vacations. When World War II started I enlisted in the Navy. I worked a half-day before my father let me report to the departure center. I served from “44 to June of 1946.

My father passed away before I was 21 years old. One day after his burial I was putting on a roof. With the two former employees, roofing equipment and the good honest reputation from my father we went from 6 trucks and 30 people on our payroll. I was very strict on all applications of work but I also give credit to the men I employed, they were good hard workers. I love my roofing business and it has been good to me. So here I am 83 years old and am as happy as can be for my life with Karis Roofing Co. and happy to say “We put your Grandma’s roof on.”

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